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Jawaban DsmISP Practice Final Exam Version. 4.1

Take Assessment - DsmbISP Practice Final Exam - CCNA Discovery: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP (Version 4.1)

 1. Which statement correctly describes the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
     HTTPS authenticates and encrypts the data being transferred between the client and the web server. 
  2. Which action would a network security administrator take under the principle of least privilege?
     Provide users with access to only necessary resources. 
 3. Which two statements are correct about the UDP protocol? (Choose two.)
     It does not provide acknowledgement of receipt of data
     It is a connectionless protocol 
 4. When would TFTP in ROM monitor mode be used to restore a Cisco IOS image to a router?
     when the router is set to boot from flash, but the Cisco IOS image in flash is corrupt or has been erased

 5. What is one purpose of the TCP three-way handshake?
     synchronizing sequence numbers between source and destination in preparation for data transfer 
 6. A small tire retailer requires a low-cost WAN connection to its headquarters in order to manage its inventory and process customer sales in real time. Which WAN connection type is best suited to its needs?
 7. A switch with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports is configured for  autonegotiation. It is connected to a device with a 100 Mb/s port that is set to full-duplex. What speed and duplex setting will the switch use?
     1000 Mb/s and full-duplex 
 8. Refer to the exhibit. A technician tries to telnet to a router with the IP address of What does the message indicate about the Telnet session?
     The enable secret password has not been set on the remote router.
 9. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator uses the exhibited commands to  configure R1 and R2. The administrator confirms Layer 1 connectivity between the two routers is functioning properly. However, R1 is unable to ping the serial interface of R2.
Different encapsulations are configured on the two routers. 
 10. When does a router enter the setup mode?
     when the configuration is missing in NVRAM 
 11. Refer to the exhibit. Which combination of cables and symbols is correct?
      A - straight-through, B -crossover, C - straight-through

 12. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has an extra router and wishes to use it as shown to passively monitor network traffic. Which IOS feature should be implemented on router EXTRA? 
 13. Refer to the exhibit. All hosts and router interfaces are configured correctly. Pings to the server from both H1 and H2 and pings between H1 and H2 are not successful. What is causing this problem?
       RIPv2 is misconfigured on router R1.
 14. Refer to the exhibit. A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What two events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)
       Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B
       Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A
 15. Refer to the exhibit. A user who is connected to RTA is trying to telnet to RTB, but the connection is failing. Based on the output of the show running-config command on router RTB, why is the Telnet session failing?

       The login command has not been issued on the console line. 
16. Which question provides troubleshooting information about a problem at Layer 1 or Layer  2 of the OSI model?
       Is there a link light on the network card? 
 17. What happens when a segment is encapsulated into a packet?
        A header with logical addresses is added. 
 18. Which transport layer protocol will allow segments to be exchanged between two hosts with low overhead and no mechanism for retransmission?
 19. A network administrator is asked to design a system to allow simultaneous access to the Internet for 250 users. The ISP can only supply five public IP addresses for this network. What technology can the administrator use to accomplish this task?
       port-based Network Address Translation
 20. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is planning the wiring for a new installation and wants to connect three separate buildings that are 250 meters apart. Which type of cable should be used to connect the buildings?
 21. A Catalyst switch is used as a temporary replacement for another switch that needs to be repaired. About a minute after the switch has started, the SYST LED on the front of the switch transitions from blinking green to amber. What is the meaning of the amber SYST LED?
       The switch has failed POST and must be sent for service. 
 22. Wireless radio waves are associated with which layer of the OSI model?
       Layer 1 
 23. A computer is configured to receive an IP address dynamically. However, the computer cannot communicate with other hosts on the network. A network technician then determines that the computer has an IP address of What is a possible cause for this problem?
       The DHCP server pool is exhausted.
 24. Refer to the exhibit. A computer with the displayed IP settings is unable to access a server on the network using the server IP address but can access hosts on the network. What should the network administrator do to troubleshoot this problem?
        Issue the ping command on the host to determine if the host can communicate with the default gateway. 
 25. What routing protocol would be appropriate to use for exchanging routes between ISPs?            BGP 
 26. Which statement correctly describes the operation of DNS? 
        It uses a distributed hierarchy of servers to resolve hostnames to IP addresses
 27. While troubleshooting a connectivity issue between two directly connected routers, the network administrator checks the encapsulation settings on the serial interfaces of both routers. Which layer of the OSI model is the administrator troubleshooting?
        data link layer 
 28. Which two subnet masks could be used when subnetting a Class B IP address? (Choose two.) dan
 29. What is the purpose of the debug ip rip command?
        displays routing update activity in real time
       30. What is used by a routing protocol to determine the best path to include in the routing table?
       31. An experienced network technician has decided to use a divide-and-conquer approach to troubleshooting a network problem. What is an advantage to this approach?
             targets the problem layer more quickly than other methods do
       32. What is the maximum unrepeated distance set by industry standards for UTP cable?
             100 meters
       33. Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has been configured with the commands that are displayed. Which password will be used to access the EXEC privileged mode of the router? 
      34. A host has been properly cabled and configured with a unique hostname and valid IP address. Which two additional components should be configured to enable the host to access remote resources? (Choose two.) 
            the subnet mask
            the default gateway
      35. At which layer of the OSI model is the Ethernet family of technologies defined?
            Layer 2
      36. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has just entered the interface configuration commands shown in the exhibit on a brand new router. To verify basic connectivity, a ping is issued from Host A to R1. The ping is unsuccessful. Which two configuration steps should be performed to solve this problem? (Choose two.) 
            Configure the subnet mask on the router interface to
            Modify the subnet mask on HostA to be the same as the Fa0/0 interface.
     37. What is the function of the forward lookup DNS zone in the DNS name resolution process?
           It resolves fully qualified domain names into IP addresses.
     38. Refer to the exhibit. There is no routing protocol configured on either router. Which command will create a default route on R1 to forward the traffic to R2? 
           R1(config)# ip route
     39. Which application can be delivered using UDP?
    40. Which routing algorithm does EIGRP use to calculate the best path to a destination within a network?
    41. Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?
     It is automatically updated and maintained by routing protocols.
    42. Which commands will configure a management interface on a LAN switch?
          Switch(config)# interface fa0/1
    Switch(config-if)# description Management Interface 

          Switch(config-if)# ip address
    43. Refer to the exhibit. If the show cdp neighbors command is issued on RTB, which devices will appear in the output if all devices use the Cisco IOS and have CDP enabled? 
           RTA, RTC, Sw2
    44. Which statement is true about FTP implementations?
           FTP requires two connections, one for control and one for data.
    45. Which storage media type is most commonly selected if cost effectiveness, large capacity, and transportability are the key factors being considered during implementation of a backup scheme?  
          digital tape
    46. Refer to the exhibit. All cables are working and all devices have IP addresses. However, H1 cannot ping the server. What is the cause of the problem?
    H1 and the server are on different subnetworks.
    47. How many host addresses may be assigned on each subnetwork when using the network address with a subnet mask of
    48. Which two protocols allow network devices to report their status and events to a centralized network management device? (Choose two.)

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